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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

movie magic is movie magic - ben kingsley

Although Harry Potter world was the reason we traveled down to Florida and visited Universal Studios, it certainly wasn't the only highlight of our 2 days roaming about the park. Almost every ride we went on was fantastic, and except for a few, we re-rode them all 2 or 3 times more.

The Incredible Hulk is the first coaster to the left as you enter Islands of Adventure and it's a fast ride but a really fun one too. There was a little wait and we went into the "front row only" line so it took a little longer. But the advantage of being in the front made it worth it. Lots of loops and spins and fog.
Making our way around the Marvel section of the park we then rode Dr. Doom's Freefall. Molly and I have both been on numerous freefall rides similar to Dr. Doom, and Dr. Doom just didn't hold up. I don't know if it was shorter in height, shorter in time or what...but it wasn't terribly thrilling. We passed on Spiderman 3-D cuz I have bad memories of getting nauseous during 3D/Moving visual attractions and Molly didn't care about it either. We also passed on Dudley Do-Right's Riptide Falls....or whatever the name is. You get really wet on that ride.

We then went to the Wonderful World of Harry Potter and after leaving that section of the park rode the Jurassic Park ride twice. This one was really exciting. Jurassic Park is a favorite of both Molly's and mine and seeing all the dinosaurs from the movie combined with the set elements was really fun. Like Disney, those kind of rides which tell a story really suck you in.
Universal definitely does them differently, and I think I'd give the edge to Disney, but there are still some excellent rides to choose from. We spent the latter 3rd of the day in the Universal Studios side and was really sad the Mummy ride was closed. But we did Twister, an experience of how-to special effects, battled Jaws, spent 20 minutes with Homer Simpson and family, and rode the Hollywood Rip-Ride Rockit. Jaws was a little cheesy but fun and the Simpsons was really neat but about 2 minutes too long because my stomach started acting up. The Rip-Ride Rockit is a new coaster in the park; the concept for it is that each person gets to choose a song (from a small selection) to listen to during the ride and it films you as you scream your little heart out. And instead of just being able to buy a picture at the end, you can also purchase a DVD. I wasn't a huge fan of this ride. When you're traveling at fast speeds I don't like wider chairs that allow your head to shake back and forth a lot more. The Rip-Ride Rockit does this so I didn't like it very much.

The following day was spent mainly in the Universal Studios side, but we did re-visit Islands of Adventures to see Harry, Ron and Hermione again as well as wander through Seuss-Landing (kiddie rides) and watch the Sinbad stunt show (which totally stole a line from Star Wars).

In the Studios we rode the Mummy coaster 4 times (sooooo amazing!) and waited a LONG time for Disaster but it was really neat and definitely not a waste of time. We fought Aliens as a Men in Black trainee (a ride totally not worth the really long wait), saved E.T. a few times (a great, magical ride!) and saw a make-up show. We also rode the Rip-Ride Rockit again and my phone fell out of my pocket. Lost forever.

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