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Friday, December 10, 2010

life is a highway...i wanna ride it all night long

So for the retelling of my adventures across the grand ole US of A, I'm going to try a different format from that of Europe. With Europe, I got tired of writing in chronological order and wanted to change how I did things, but my OCD wouldn't let me. It made me way too anxious. So I'm changing it up this time. I'll touch upon everything at some point or another, but there won't be an "order" to it.

From July 27th - August 31st, my best friend, Molly, and I lived in her 2003 Toyota Camry (who we end up calling Betty) as we traversed across the country. We drove about 12,000 miles and did a LOT! As we both don't have "real" jobs, we were able to get the time off and take a loooong vacation. It was terrific! I'm going to put our driving itinerary below so you'll know the general path we took and can always resort back to it since I'll be blogging "out of order." And I provided a visual as well. Hope you enjoy everything this time around!

July 27th: Hingham, MA to Richmond, IN
July 28th: Richmond, IN to St. Louis, MO
July 29th: St. Louis, MO to Omaha, NE
July 30th: Omaha, NE to Badlands National Park
July 31st: Badlands National Park to Black Hills National Forest
August 1st: Black Hills National Forest to Yellowstone National Park
August 2nd-3rd: Yellowstone National Park
August 4th: Yellowstone National Park to Portland, OR
August 5th: Portland, OR to Tillamook, OR
August 6th: Tillamook, OR to Brookings, OR
August 7th: Brookings, OR to Berkeley, CA
August 8th: Berkeley, CA to Yosemite National Park
August 9th: Yosemite National Park to Independence, CA
August 10th: Independence, CA to Las Vegas, NV
August 11th: Las Vegas, NV
August 12th: Las Vegas, NV - Grand Canyon National Park
August 13th-14th: Grand Canyon National Park
August 15th: Grand Canyon National Park - Arches National Park
August 16th: Arches National Park
August 17th: Arches National Park - Amarillo, TX
August 18th: Amarillo, TX - Tunica, MS
August 19th: Memphis, TN
August 20th: Tunica, MS - New Orleans, LA
August 21st: New Orleans, LA
August 22nd: New Orleans, LA - Orlando, FL
August 23rd-24th: Orlando, FL
August 25th: Orlando, FL - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
August 26th-27th: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
August 28th: Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Williamsburg, VA
August 29th: Williamsburg, VA to Arlington, VA
August 30th: Arlington, VA to Philadelphia, PA
August 31st: Philadelphia, PA to Cohasset, MA

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