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Monday, November 29, 2010

throw off the bowlines. sail away from the safe harbor. catch the trade winds in your sails. explore. dream. discover. - mark twain

I'm going to write a more detailed "reflections" kind of post, but before doing so, I thought it would be good to write down my "conclusion" entry from my travel notebook. Word for word, these were my thoughts as I was sitting in the airport waiting to board my plane back to Boston. Some of it might make no sense because I was just writing my stream of consciousness, but it gives a good picture of all that happened in my three weeks abroad.

  • great city for history, architecture, art
  • not wild about prices for things and people on street trying to talk to you
  • Notre Dame was my fave 
  • hostel okay; staff wasn't the friendliest; bad breakfast
  • Metro was good; got me places 
  • Chateaus - gorgeous
  • Tours' cathedral - cold, but really neat
  • tour made me sleepy but I don't think I missed much of the English narration
  • hotel - good; wish there'd been breakfast; far walk; shower took awhile to heat; best towel ever!
  • really interesting place
  • wish I knew booklet had descriptions of each place
  • huge, but I saw most of it
  • more detailed art/decor stuff made it fantastic rather than the architecture
  • crazy city drivers
  • very interesting things; both Ancient and Catholic
  • Renaissance Art - fantastic
  • sculptures throughout city - cool
  • each church pretty distinctive
  • monk bones!
  • Duomo etc. actually very nice and interesting; Tuscan overlook one of my fave places
  • Piazza del Campo - very nice
  • gelato!
  • everything had an admission fee that wasn't cheap
  • black and white marble design of Tuscan churches
  • all had fancy facades but plain sides
  • illegal bag selling
  • it's own planet and culture
  • lots of churches
  • getting lost is easy
  • boat pass - wonderful
  • flooding! so neat!
  • overall - underwhelming compared to previous cities
  • Olympic Tower - overpriced
  • Marienplatz - neat/awesome
  • Dachau - depressing
  • had lots of little things with nothing overwhelmingly awesome
  • Nymphenburg - HUGE
  • My FAVORITE place!
  • gorgeous weather, gorgeous mountains
  • cheap, cutest, central hotel. LOVED
  • crystals were trippy/weird
  • Nordpark my fave; trampling around 2 ft. of snow on the Alps with parachuters and rock cliffs
  • such an awesome, old, old, city
  • SoM!! - all the filming places
  • wish mountain wasn't closed
  • saw the Untersberg! Gorgeous! Alps diff!
  • panorama painting and my poster
  • a lot like Munich
  • not a lot to do for 3 days without spending a lot of money
  • everything had admission
  • enjoyed art museum a lot - wish I could have seen all, but I saw all paintings
  • Karlskirche - best church
  • a lot hindered by crowds and Vienna's lack of herding abilities and awful space layout
  • royalty history- very interesting
And though this has nothing to do with my thoughts on my trip, I have to add the last comment I made in the journal, from the airplane, because I don't remember it at all and I find it hilarious. It's also a great conclusion as its not a conclusion at all..."someone keeps farting; it smells."

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