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Saturday, November 13, 2010

climb every mountain; search high and low

Looking back at all my Salzburg pics, and then rewatching all The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary DVD Promotion gave me the idea to compare all the shooting locations I was able to visit and see how much they have, or haven't changed. Most of the places actually fit into the latter category which just goes to show how unchanging, timeless and classic the city of Salzburg really is.

Downtown Salzburg
If you look just beyond the Christmas stalls, you can see the little hut still underneath the far right arch in both 1964 and 2009. 

The buildings to the right of the movie still are the same ones I snapped a photo of last year.

Not the best comparison, but the Residenz in the background is the same. The lens used in the film though really made the fountain look huge because it really took me awhile before I believed I was in the right location.

Mirabel Gardens

This one is an almost identical match; switch out the people, add more greenery and water for summertime and its a perfect match.

My initials were in the garden; and amazingly, its the same layout as it was in 1964. It's fate.

Nonnberg Abbey

That famous red, onion dome. The only red one in the city.

The far left of the movie still has the same stone plaque that can be seen in my left picture, and in the far right of the still you can see the same stone archway that is above the door

No doorbell... :(

Just imagine I'm holding a guitar and looking up at a cross, and I could have been in the movie.
Up the Monschberg Elevator

They've definitely done construction on the steps...

Uncanny how nothing's changed.

Rocky Riding School - Festival Hall

This door's changed a little...

But this one hasn't.

The VonTrapp Villa - sort of

The backyard of the mansion has definitely been redone.

Untersberg - most unchanged of them all

Doesn't it look bigger on film?

I don't think anything on this altar has been moved in the last 45 years.

The organ hasn't moved either.

The top movie still is, what I believe, from an interior set not related to the church. From what I saw, there's no way that could have been in the church, certainly not at the back. And since it's never seen with the rest, I think editing was key in the illusion. Also, its corresponding painting wasn't in the rear of the church so I do believe it was replicated and used on the set they built for those shots.

Since they show this exterior right after the wedding, I'm assuming it was Mondsee but it seems they've done a bit of remodeling. Also, continuity wise, it makes no sense to even have it since they show Maria in Nonnberg getting ready and then she's now in a completely different church getting married. Oh well...

That's all folks...well, for Salzburg anyway. Vienna, my last stop, is still to come.

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