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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Musee Rodin

The Rodin Museum is not far from the Hotel des Invalides. Though short, the walk there is quite nice. The clouds that covered the city that morning were no where to be seen and the sun was shining bright.

The Rodin Museum is located in the former residence of the artist Auguste Rodin. An old, gorgeous house, the museum also has a large garden which contains many of Rodin's scultures. Most famous is "The Thinker" (seen in Night at the Museum 2...hehe). He's pretty big. And black...which is actually quite different from most of the other statue work I will later view in Italy.

Besides seeing "The Thinker" I do wander through the museum and enjoy viewing many of Rodin's works. As these were my first statue/carvings on the trip, I'm in awe of the detail and realism of the muscle for all of his male figures. Also, the poses he creates for the works are very impressive.

In order to complete my visit to the Musee Rodin I walk through the gardens and since it is late November, all the plants are dead and the trees have no leaves so there wasn't much to look at. The statues were nice though I enjoyed the interior ones much better. What I enjoyed most about them though was the view from the end of the gardens as the house was reflected in the pond. So pretty.

After completing my tour of the gardens I head for the closest subway station. My next destination: the Opera Garnier. Right before heading undeground I pass a "gas station" though I have a hard time calling it a "station." All it is is a gas pump with 2 hoses installed in the sidewalk. There is no drive-in area, no garage, no workers that I could see...nothing. And since I am somewhat fascinated by non-traditional gas stations, I laugh to myself at how cool I think it before heading down into the Metro.

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